Frequently Asked Questions & Information



Things to bring to Summer Kids Club every day...

General :

  • PPE - including a comfortable compliant face mask & personal-sized hand sanitizer* - these may be best carried in pockets, or a wearable 'fanny pack.  Campers and staff will be required to have these items on their person or within easy reach throughout the day except when swimming. 

  • A bagged lunch with nonperishable food.

  • A large refillable water bottle

  • Extra sunscreen-Please apply sunscreen each morning and send more for your child to apply later. Our staff are not allowed to apply sunscreen to the children. 

  • Bathing suit and towel- Wearing shirts in the pool for extra sun protection is advised.

  • Wear shorts and sneakers - sandals are not advisable in this environment.  This is a farm environment which means your children will get dirty, please keep this in mind when choosing the clothes they wear!!

Horseback Riding:

  • Please have your camper prepared to ride in long pants as much as possible

  • Riders must wear closed toe shoes with a short heel to ride and handle horses in.

  • Gloves and chaps may be worn if desired.

  • Campers may bring a riding helmet with their name in it if they have one, if not, we have helmets for borrow - we do not permit children to ride in bike/multisport helmets! All participants must wear helmets.  This year the ACA recommends each child have their own helmet, but we will sanitize loaner helmets between each rider and at the end of each camp day. 


If you are interested in purchasing your child official riding gear, please check out Stablemates Saddlery, Inc. in Mt Airy, Md. 


Snacks & Treats:

Children may bring a few dollars for snacks from the camp treat cart. No large amounts of money or valuables should be brought to camp as we do not have lockers.


Games and Phones:

We recommend your camper leave these beloved items at home - this is camp - take a break from screen time!

  • Electronic games - their use and carry will not be permitted during the camp day. 

  • Phones - may be brought at your own risk, but their use will be restricted to before and after care.

  • We are not responsible for securing, storing or any loss, damage or theft of these items

Lunch and Treat Cart:


Lunch is not provided. Campers should bring a clearly labeled lunch with nonperishable items.  No refrigeration is available.  Please avoid sending any tree nut/peanut products in lunches - this is not mandated but it is requested out of courtesy to help protect our campers and staffers with severe allergies.


Treats such as drinks, snacks, candy, Freeze Pops and Popsicles will be available through a treat cart for the enjoyment of their campers during each groups's lunch and treat times. All campers will be asked to eat their lunch before making a purchase from the camp treat cart.  There is a nominal fee for treats, usually a dollar per item - treats are fun and very popular with campers!  Nothing is better than a Popsicle on a hot day after riding!


The Club will also provide Fla-Vor-Ice Freeze Pops for each child to enjoy in the afternoon before pick-up time. If you do not want your child to partake in a Fla-vor-ice popsicle, please let us and your child know.  

Drop-off and Pick-up/Sign-Out Procedures:

Health check-in and camper drop off is from 8:00 - 8:50 a.m. each morning. Note: camp activities start at 9 a.m. each day. 

  • When you arrive, stop for the quick intake health screening in front of our Red Barn. Stay to the right so cars leaving the Rec Hall can pass. We conduct a touchless temperature check and ask routine COVID questions. Please be patient and watch out for others. Expect to wait up to 5 minutes Monday morning and during in peak check-in times. 

  • After health screening, you will proceed to the Rec Hall to drop off your child. The Rec Hall/ Main barn parking lot functions as a loop during drop-off and pick-up. Stay to the right of the loop and pull-up as far as possible. Parents must stay outside of the Rec Hall - Staff will be available to help your child to their groups table with their belongings. 

Pick up in the afternoon is from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Note: Camp activities conclude ~3:45 p.m. but groups need time to come to the Rec Hall, clean up their table and gather their belongings. 

  • Once pick-up begins, parents may enter the Rec Hall parking lot - please pull around as far as possible to allow several cars in the queue at a time. 

  • A staff member will come to your car with a sign-out sheet, call your child from their group table and help escort them to your car.  


**If the yellow rope is blocking the Rec Hall parking lot, our horses are being turned-out to pasture. A staff member will meet your child at the rope to escort them across the parking lot to the Rec Hall safely**

For the safety of our campers, staff, and beloved farm animals, please drive slowly up the driveway! Past the white buses/ pool house is a 5 MPH/ 'Dust Free' drive zone


Optional Extended Care


If you need your camper to come in early or stay late, we offer extended before care mornings from 7 – 8 am and after camp from 5 - 6pm. 

  • If you need extended before care or aftercare, let us know when you plan to arrive via text to our business mobile number at 240-877-4686

  • Before-care requests must be made by 7pm the day before to ensure staff is onsite to receive your child. 

  • Extended care is $10 for arrivals and pick-ups in either of these am or pm hours per day. Fees can be paid by cash or check daily, or prepaid via QuickBooks invoice.


If your child needs to come in late, we must be notified via text to 240-877-4686 with your expected arrival time.  

  • We need to meet your child to be health screened and escort them to their activity. 

  • Do not drop your child off without a staff member present to sign them in.

  • Routine late arrivals/customized drop off schedules are subject to staffing fees.


As always, children must only be picked up/signed-out by an authorized person(s) indicated on your registration form, with ample advance notice given by the parent or guardian (not the child) prior to any changes

First Aid:

Urbana Riding Club staff are trained in First Aid; our Camp Manager and/or Director will be called in to handle medical emergencies and we'll all provide lots of TLC. We will contact parents/guardians according to the severity of the situation, your child's comfort level and request. Our Health Plan Supervisor is appraised of any serious or complex health/first aid circumstances, including any COVID concerns.

Disciplinary Rules and Policy: 


Punishable behaviors include but are not limited to: punching, hitting, grabbing, holding or inappropriately touching other people. Camp rules: Do not touch other peoples belongings. No foul language. No destruction of property and always follow directions of all adults. Children will receive two warnings from their counselors, instructors or management, first, explaining how the behavior was wrong, how the child should have handled the situation and how the disciplinary policy works; the second infraction will include a time-out from an activity. Upon receiving a third warning the child will be brought to the office and we will phone for them to be picked up for the day. If there is a fourth warning, the child will be expelled from camp for the summer with no refund. Any serious behavior will result in the camper being expelled immediately. Counselors, instructors and staff  discuss issues and make notes; please inquire if you are concerned how your child is behaving. 

Please read the following sections carefully; due to low camper to staff ratios, facility safety, and PPE requirements that are enrollment specific, the following 2021 policies will apply:
Program Additions, Adjustments and Withdrawals:
  • Subject to space/availability, you may always add additional weeks or adjust registered weeks of camp at no cost. 

  • Withdrawal from camp sessions prior to June 1st, a $50 office fee will be retained, in addition to fees for any credit card transactions.

  • Withdrawals from camp sessions more than one week before the start of the selected camp week(s), we will retain 50% of program fees.

  • Withdrawals from camp sessions less than one week before the start of the selected camp week(s), we will retain 75% of program fees. 

Refunds for Absence:

Any days or weeks not attended without notice will NOT be refunded.  For absence due to a medically verified illness or injury, the balance of registration fees will be credited toward alternate week(s) of camp or URC programs.