Urbana Riding Club Lesson Schedule, Leasing, & Practice Ride Programs

Horseback Riding Lessons

We accept students ages 4 through adult into our lesson program. Children ages 4-7 are encouraged to enroll in our individually assisted group lessons initially to safely gain the needed strength and coordination to handle a horse in a group situation. When possible, we place students in age-appropriate groups of 4 to 8 students. Our lessons run on weekday afternoons and all day Saturdays.


Urbana Riding Club invites you to take a FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON where you’ll get a chance to see the facilities, meet our staff and horses, and sample a lesson with no cost or obligation. Please look at our lesson schedule below to choose an appropriate lesson then fill out the lesson form from important forms and mail or fax it in... or contact our office to schedule.


We do not require formal riding attire; long pants and closed-toe shoes with a short heel are fine. We have riding helmets to lend you initially to minimize your expenses while you are giving the exciting sport of horseback riding a try.


Our qualified instructors are continually improving themselves by competing and participating in clinics. They pass their experiences and other valuable information on to their students in a way that is both fun and challenging, with emphasis on safety and kindness to the horses.


This is an unsupervised program which is all the fun of owning your own horse without the expense and responsibility. Students practice their riding skills and even compete in horse shows if they like. You may not ride during summer camp hours nor may you ride on Sundays during summer camp weeks. We reserve the right to assign you a different horse to ride if we feel the horse you lease needs a break. Horses will be given the week after camp off from riding (except lessons). Children that lease may not be dropped off during camp hours. If you have a half lease and want to upgrade to a full lease you will need to wait until the other person leasing your horse gives up their lease.


SOME RULES: * Leasers may only jump on Tuesdays and Saturdays *No jumping higher then your lesson level.*The riding school has priority over the use of the horses, you may choose a different horse to ride if "your" horse is being used. Ask the instructor which horse is appropriate. *Leasers must be enrolled in weekly riding lessons at Urbana Riding Club. *Urbana Riding Club trails only *Instructor approval is necessary to lease. *Leaser must be at least 10 years of age. *Never ride alone. There must be an adult in the barn area when you ride. *No riding in the indoor arena during lessons without instructor approval. *No jumping cross country. *You may only ride for one hour (including 10 minute warm up and 10 minute cool out). *You must mark the dry-erase board that you have ridden every time you ride.

Practice Rides

Practice Rides offer members the opportunity to practice riding and horse care skills without the expense and responsibility of owning a horse. Urbana Riding Club's Practice Rides are scheduled through the office and are generally held on Saturday afternoons at noon. Other times available through the office. A trained staff member will help with tacking the horse and supervise the riding.


Email urc@urbanaridingclub.com, call our office at 301.798.8589 or talk to your instructor to sign up


Urbana Riding Club costs are based on the program that best suits your needs. Payments are made quarterly (three months).  Lesson registration is accepted up to one month prior to the new quarter and are on a first-come, first-served basis. You may begin lessons at any time as we can prorate the first payment. 


Riding Lesson, Practice Ride and Leasing Programs:


* Program A; $425/ quarter: One scheduled riding lesson per week


* Program B; $675/quarter: One scheduled riding lesson per week and one practice ride per week. No designated horse or pony. The current practice ride time for this program is Saturdays at 12:00.


* Program C; $875/quarter: One scheduled riding lesson per week and a half lease* of a school horse or pony (may ride 2 days/per week, not including Fridays or Sundays, plus your lesson. One day is non-jumping)


* Program D; $1025/ quarter: One scheduled riding lesson per week and full lease* of a school horse or pony (may ride 3 days/wk plus your lesson. One day is non-jumping).


* Program E; $715/quarter: One scheduled riding lesson per week and a quarter lease* of a school horse or pony ( may ride 1 day/per week on either Friday or Sunday, plus your lesson)

*All leases are still shared with the school program

*Each horse/pony may have one full lease or share a half lease and a quarter lease.


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