Update: 5/29/20 - Operation Protocols - Summer Kids Club 2020

(Please scroll down for information regarding guidelines, regulations, protocols and best practices as they relate to our Riding Programs Lesson Rules and Procedures, and Boarding, General Barn Rules.)


Guidelines, regulations, protocols and best practices - 2020 summer camp operations:

  • Our camper activity groups will be limited to not more than 9 campers plus a staff counselor.

  • Our camper groups will start and end each day together and enjoy a daily rotation of activities, lunch and breaks as a unit.  Groups will not co-mingle, and because our facility is large and well laid out, we can readily socially distance groups throughout the day. 

  • Most activities will be out of doors, or in our open-air pavilions.  For arts & crafts activities and if weather becomes a factor, in our recreation hall there is room to socially distance our groups. NOTE: we have a weather emergency plan that will be followed in a manner that minimizes the greatest and most imminent threat to campers and staff.  For instances requiring cover, we can maintain social distancing; for instances requiring shelter, we will put campers and staff in the safest possible structures on the property, utilizing PPE and doing our best to maintain social distancing.  It doesn’t happen often, but storms can come up fast and we will keep your child as reassured, safe and secure as possible.

  • Facilities and equipment will be sanitized between uses.  Sanitizing has always been part of our camp operations protocol on a not less than daily basis; this season we will sanitize following each activity rotation.

  • Face masks – we will follow the recommended use of face masks as it pertains to each activity through the camp day.  All campers and staffers will need to come to camp with a face mask to don as needed.  Face masks will not be used when a child is riding, or swimming or in most outdoor activities with social distancing.

  • We will conduct intake health screenings for each staffer and camper at the start of each day.  We will use a touchless scanner-type thermometer to take the child’s temperature, and have parents complete a simple COVID-19 symptoms wellness checklist.  This information will be kept secure and confidential.  URC has always had sign-in/out procedures for campers; this is an easy variation that follows Maryland youth camp guidelines.

  • Hand washing – we have numerous hand washing facilities in our rec hall, all our bathrooms, at our bank barn and in our pool pavilion.  We will closely follow the recommended best practices regarding hand washing.  If the need arises, we can gear up with additional hand wash stations.  Hand washing has always been part of the routine staff and camper health protocol at URC.

  • Hand-sanitizing – we will have hand sanitizer in the type and quantity required available to all campers and staff throughout each day and will follow best practices regarding the use of hand sanitizer. Availability/use of hand sanitizer has always been part of the routine staff and camper health protocol at URC.  We recommend that campers bring their own hand sanitizer each day for convenience. 

  • At this phase of Maryland’s COVID-19 recovery, busing is not recommended due to the close proximity and co-mingling of campers while in transit.  URC’s daily bus routes will not be operating.  If your family needs transportation assistance, please give us a call.

  • Drop-off, Pick-up/Sign-out – we will have a drop-off/pick-up circle with staffers assisting multiple campers, as needed.  Once groups are determined, we will suggest (but not require) staggered times to arrive or depart from camp as a group to facilitate the process.  We will follow our standard procedures allowing only authorized persons to pick up your child from camp.

  • We will continue to accommodate families who need before and aftercare from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the morning and from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. in the afternoon at no additional charge.  Before and After Kids Club will be in our rec hall in areas set aside for their group to maintain social distancing.  The Before and After care counselor will be on hand to help kids stay entertained with fresh art supplies, audio-visual entertainment and sanitized games.  If your family needs to drop-off before 7:30 a.m. or pick-up after 5:30 p.m., we will gladly accommodate extended times by request: 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. or 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. – give us a call to discuss these options. 


Update: 5/26/20 - Lessons Resuming June 1st, New Schedule & Forms!


We are delighted to announce the start-up of our riding programs beginning June 1st, the first day of the 2020 Summer Quarter!  We've made several updates and adaptations to our programming and protocols which enhance the quality and value of experiences and instruction we are very proud to offer here at URC.  


2020 Summer Quarter Riding Program Registration Form - 

All students - new and returning - who will participate in riding programs over the 2020 Summer Quarter must complete and submit a registration form, which includes the information about our lessons, RideShare leases and combined options. Even if you have already submitted a summer registration form, we ask that you fill out and submit the updated registration form as it includes new options, times, pricing, and waivers. Those who have already submitted a summer registration form have been penciled to the closest class, but are welcome to change class times/program choices as the schedule permits.  The 2020 Summer Quarter goes from June1st until August 22nd; exact dates are specific to your program choices. Look over new lesson schedules closely as we have made numerous changes to allow for smaller class sizes, schedule breaks between lessons and the addition of standing private and semi-private lesson times you may wish to book for yourself or your child.  We have increased our rates, but no more than $6.24 per lesson or ride; this is to cover the reduction in our lesson sizes, PPE and sanitization requirements, cost and availability of horse and farm materials and supplies.  In part to help with this adjustment, we will now be accepting MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS for quarterly program balances and fees totalling $500 or over.  See the registration form for more details.  

  • Riders and Families who donated your Spring Quarter credit balance - thank you so very, very much.  For Summer Quarter registration, please complete and submit forms as you would normally - we will happily deduct the "thank you" discount from your invoice. 

  • Riders and Families who wish to carry over credit from the Spring Quarter - this may be applied, in full, to your Summer Quarter program.  We've maintained a spreadsheet for all riders, detailing the number of lessons each group was offered, and if applicable, lease and practice rides times that were made available to riders in those programs.  As we had a couple active weeks in the Spring before closing, most riders will have some fees due for Summer programs. Please see the credit breakdown below for the average credit due for most students. If you have questions regarding your credit balance, please let us know. We sincerely ask that everyone apply credit during the Summer Quarter which will allow us to resume a more normal income pattern as soon as possible. If you have credit, you may wish to explore more of a lease or try-out some private/semi-private lessons... Riding program credits must be applied to other riding programs. Thank you for understanding! 

Credit Breakdown (We have rounded up these figures up for simplicity)

  • All lessons held 2 classes before closure - maximum credit is $355 for any lesson day/time (10 canceled lessons)

  • Students who were able to complete a practice ride after we closed our lesson program have been noted - your credit balance is $320.

  • Monday and Tuesday night students have $320 in credit for lessons, as 3 lessons were held - subtract $35 for an additional practice ride, if taken. 

  • All leasers should contact us for an accurate credit balance. 


Lesson Rules and Procedures - 

Rules and procedures pertaining to riding programs must be followed in order for us to resume operation.  In addition to reading these guidelines; look for signs posted around the barn.  We'll continuously monitor and adapt to any changes in restrictions or allowances with everyone's comfort, health and well-being foremost in our minds. 

Please read the following thoroughly. The following policies and procedures must be strictly adhered to as we resume lessons at URC. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support!

  • Lesson sizes have been reduced to assist in Social Distancing, and under current state and local guidelines, prevent more than 10 people from gathering inside the barns or in close proximity out of doors around the farm.

  • Riders and their guardian should check their temperatures before leaving for the barn. Any person experiencing any sickness or COVID-19 symptoms is not permitted on the property. 

  • ONE parent/guardian should bring the student to their riding lesson - no additional parents, guardians, relatives, or siblings are permitted on property, especially during lesson and lease ride times. We fill up fast!

  • As much as possible, parents/guardians should plan to remain in their personal vehicle except when assisting their child to the ring, helping their child mount their lesson horse, or using the bathroom.

o We will try our best to reserve parking spaces around the ring for lesson parents to watch the lesson from their vehicles. Look for safety cones marking this area.

  • When arriving at the barn - STOP AND READ ALL SIGNS! Look for tape that will help you know what areas are limited access.

  • Face masks must be worn by all persons if entering the barn to use the bathroom and whenever you are within 6 feet of another person outdoors.

  • We recommend students wear gloves when handling horses, equipment and tack; there are mixed opinions about gloves - use your best judgement, but always thoroughly wash hands after any activity here at URC.

  • Lessons will be taught in outdoor arenas unless weather conditions unexpectedly change - in the event of all-day inclement weather, lessons may be cancelled or rescheduled. Outdoors in the sunshine with good airflow is recognized as a less-likely environment for transmission of COVID-19; in addition the Maryland Horse Council recommends staff and riders wear masks when riding indoors; this can present a safety conflict for lessons since two-way communication is vital and face masks can make it difficult for trainers and students to hear each other.

  • Lesson horses will be tacked by a staff member, waiting in the ring for riders in any lesson below the Intermediate B level.

  • Lesson horses will be tacked with a halter underneath their bridle and a lead rope that is used exclusively by the staff person leading the horse.

  • Lesson students should not go into the barn - exceptions are using the bathroom and participation in our RideShare Lease rides - RideShare lease ride safety protocols and guidelines apply.

  • Students that require assistance mounting, beyond the use of the mounting block, must be assisted by their parents - per current guidelines and restrictions, our staff is not allowed to assist with mounting at this time. This is especially important for our younger Beginner A/A+ students who do require assistance mounting. We are happy to give parents a quick ‘how-to’ and are able to steady the horse. Your child will appreciate your participation!

  • Riders and parents/guardians may use our main indoor bathroom; please walk along the outdoor arena fence outside of the main barn, entering the bathroom in the most direct manner possible.

  • Please note, our lounge and lounge bathroom are still closed! Please bring drinks, snacks and coolers to keep you comfortable during lesson times.

  • We have soap/hand washing, hand sanitizer, wipes and disinfectant sprays, but recommend you bring your own supplies to ensure you have everything you need on hand.


Thank you so much - we can't wait to see you at the farm again very soon!

Jessie and Sandy

Urbana Riding Club 

Business Mobile| 240-877- 4686 (Text/call) 



UPDATE: May 11, 2020: We are starting to schedule lease rides by appointment only! We are not scheduling lessons or practice rides yet. All leasers and guardians please read the following rules and appointment scheduling procedures 


General Barn Rules - IMPORTANT - Please read these carefully!


  • No more than 10 people are allowed to be in or around the barn at a time.

  • A rider is only allowed to bring ONE parent/guardian/family member with them to supervise their ride. Additional family members, siblings, friends etc. are not permitted at this time. 

  • Riders and their guardian should check their temperatures before leaving for the barn. Any person experiencing any sickness or COVID-19 symptoms is not permitted on the property. 

  • All persons must maintain 6-feet Social Distancing between one another.

  • Masks and gloves must be worn at all times when you are in the barn or indoor arena.

  • Masks are only permitted to be removed when you are riding your horse outdoors or are outside of the barn more than 6 feet away from another person. 

  • Hand sanitizer should be used frequently. A hand sanitizer dispenser is mounted to the right of the main barn bathroom. There is plenty of soap in the bathroom for handwashing as well. 

  • Everyone is encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes/spray.

  • Everyone should thoroughly sanitize all equipment they have come in contact with during their visit. 


Lease Ride Rules and Procedures:


  • A lease rider must schedule a set ride time window (1.5 hours), which is not flexible once set.  If you are late to your ride time, you are still required to leave by the end of the allotted time! If you arrive too late, rescheduling may be required. 

  • We are only scheduling 4 lease rides during the same/overlapping appointment window (1 rider, 1 guardian = max 8 persons).  

  • Currently, no lease rides will be scheduled from 4pm-6pm; This time is reserved exclusively for our boarder clients. Boarders may request ride times outside of this range as the schedule allows. 

  • Please note, scheduling may be impacted by boarder rides and care, barn emergencies and services. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

  • Each lease rider/guardian may be at the barn for the 1.5 hours of their appointment window only and this includes riding/grooming/seeing their leased horse. You must leave the barn by the end of your appointment window so everyone gets use of their scheduled time.

  • No loitering or congregating in groups is yet allowed. 

  • Guardians should remain in their personal vehicle whenever able. 

  • Proper care of your lease horse includes warm up, cool out, tacking/untacking and grooming after your ride - running late does not excuse a rider from proper care or allow them to run over their appointment window. Wear a watch or set an alarm to stay on time!

  • Leasers are only allowed to be in the school horse aisle. The only exceptions are leasers of Posie, Scrimmage, and Sunny who are permitted to enter the aisle from the front, up to and in their horse's stall, (but not the 1st aisle, wash racks, or through the locker area). 

  • Riders must groom/ tack their horses in the horse's stall. 

  • At this time, use of the indoor washracks is limited to boarders. If your lease horse is sweaty and needs to be hosed off, use the pony barn wash racks and sanitize the clips/hose after you are finished.

  • Leasers should use their own grooming equipment and tack as much as possible, including halters/lead ropes, grooming supplies, saddle pads, bridles, saddles, etc. 

  • Leasers should only touch their own tack trunk and school tack assigned to their lease horse. Please sanitize equipment when you are done with your ride!

  • If a rider needs help with their horse, including holding/mounting, assistance must come from the guardian who brought them to the barn and not another person or member of our staff.  Please let us know in advance of your visit if this could present a problem - this is a restriction currently mandated under the Maryland order.


  • To use the bathroom, leasers and guardians should walk along the school horse aisle, through the indoor to the main bathroom or walk along the outdoor arena to follow the most direct path to the restroom.  Please do not walk through the first two aisles of the main barn.

  • Leasers and guardians are not yet permitted to go into the lounge. Bring what you need to stay hydrated and comfortable!


How to Schedule a Lease Ride:


We have recently added a business cell phone to stay better connected with everyone! The phone number is 240-877-4686. We will respond to messages/calls sent to this phone between the hours of 8:30am and 8:30pm; please be patient for a response!


To schedule a lease ride, please text our business cell phone at 240-877-4686:

  • In the text, state your name/student’s name, lease horse requested and time desired.  

  • We will let you know if your requested time is open or offer other available times. 

  • Once determined, we will confirm your ride time, start to finish. 

  • Do not come to the farm to ride unless you receive confirmation of your time!!


 Good to know: 

  • Horses are in the field until ~4pm; if your ride time is scheduled before 4pm, you’ll be responsible for bringing your horse out of the field. When the weather warms up, (hopefully soon) we will ‘reverse turn out’ and horses will be inside between 8am and ~3pm, then turned out during the night. 

  • Right now, we are only accepting appointments for one week out and they are available on a first come, first serve basis. 


Link to Maryland Horse Council Guidelines/Restrictions: 






UPDATE: March 22, 2020:


Effective at 8:00 p.m. today, we are pausing all URC Lessons, Leasing and Practice Ride programs until Monday, April 6th.  


During this time:


  1. Only horse owners/boarder clients are permitted to visit the barn - we look forward to seeing everyone else very soon!

  2. Lease and Practice Rides credit will be extended

  3. Riders and families should not come to the barn :( if there is something you need from a locker or trunk, let us know.

  4. Anyone coming to URC for any reason accepts responsibility for their health safety before during & after visiting the barn.  

  5. All other terms and conditions expressed in the previous communication dated Friday, March 13th still apply.  

Thank you so much for your continued support, patience, and understanding. Let's beat this thing and get back to riding!

Stay in touch and be well - Sandy & Jessie




March 13, 2020:


Hello URC Families and Friends –

Like all of you, we are closely watching the developing situation with COVID-19, recommendations of the CDC and the Governor’s announcement yesterday afternoon concerning public gatherings and schools.  We are dealing with an unprecedented situation that is evolving daily, sometimes hourly.


Be advised anyone participating in our programs or visiting our facility is doing so at their own risk – we cannot guarantee avoidance of any socially transmitted illnesses, and the Coronavirus is not an exception.


This is CRITICAL – do not come to URC if you or anyone in your circle of family or friends are showing signs of any illness or have been exposed or possibly exposed to persons who are positive for COVID-19 or any cold or flu.  Even if you are experiencing seasonal allergies, please stay home for now since it is impossible for us or your fellow riders to know what’s an allergy and what’s an illness.  We will send anyone showing symptoms of illness home immediately. Thank you for cooperating and understanding.  We love you and want you well. 


** IMPORTANT**Do NOT drop off your children or come to this facility for ‘hanging out’ or any extended duration that does not involve a scheduled lesson or lease ride (which should encompass no more than two total hours).  As a reminder, no minor under the age of 13 is permitted to be on our property without a legal guardian present. (See our special note about school closing below)


We are making a couple adjustments to our lesson and show schedules.


Jumper Show: In an abundance of caution, we are going to postpone tonight’s jumper show, the new date is TBD. Considering the various elements of the show, our gathering and potluck celebration, we’ve decided it would be better to wait and hold this event in a couple more weeks when it can be relaxed and fun.


Lessons: On a positive note, we are continuing our lesson program until further notice. This is subject to change at any time – please check the website regularly over the next days and weeks as we will post continuous updates to our schedule. 


We’re doing our part for Cleanliness – it is a barn, but…  

  • We are going to be as vigilant as possible keeping our barn social areas as clean and sanitized.

  • Tack, grooming tools, racks and trunks are difficult to sanitize – we recommend that anyone touching these items wear gloves that can be disposed of or washed at your home. 

  • Hand washing cannot be overdone.  After any activity at our facility, wash your hands thoroughly, following the CDC guidelines.


Bring with You:

  • Gloves

  • Personal disinfectants

  • Paper goods for your personal needs  (We have supplies – just not sure how long they will last!)



Do Not Bring:

  • Food: We’d prefer if everyone eat at home, at least over the next two weeks.  Beverages and water bottles are ok.  We will continue to have our water fountain for your use but will temporarily close our lounge beverage area.

  • Additional Persons:  Only boarders, students and their parents/guardians should be coming to the barn for at minimum, the next two weeks.

  • Apprehension:  Listen, if this is too much for you and your family, we will determine credit or make-ups lessons on a case-by-case basis.  We are trying to keep some normalcy in our lives as long as we feel safe to do so but understand the appropriate degree of caution is very personal. You have to decide what is best for you and your family



Thank you – be well!

Sandy & Jessica Henningsen

Henningsen Equine Ventures, LLC dba Urbana Riding Club

Phone: 301-789-8589 or 240-877-4686

Email: urc@urbanaridingclub.com

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