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Recent Events - we've been busy - stay tuned for updates and more pics!!

A URC Show Series Event - Fall Celebration and Halloween Jumpers - All URC riders were welcome to participate in this fun day of special activity and jumping classes, crossbar to 3'.  

Swan Lake Jumper Show - URC riders and horses had a great day at Swan Lake!  Morgan & Sidney and Jena & Nyra were in the ribbons in large and competitive  2'-2'3"classes.

Loch Moy Horse Trials - What a perfect day for eventing!  Our riders and horses included Maddie on Nyra, Ryley on her horse Swiss Miss, Stephanie on Squiggles, Anna on Willow, Bailey on Irish Crystal and Ravyn on Sunny (The Sun-Bun ;).  Our riders brought home ribbons and proud horses! 

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