Lesson Information 


Only persons on this list may ride! If there is availability in the lesson, you may join the current session at a prorated cost after contacting the office.


There is a 185lb weight limit for persons riding URC horses.


*If there is space in the lesson you desire, you may join immediately at a pro-rated cost.*


Registration: Lessons registration opens one month before the quarter begins and is first come first served.  We will pro-rate lessons if you a join a lesson during a quarter. You MUST be registered (form filled out & turned in including payment with the forms) BEFORE (five minutes before doesn’t count) attending a lesson. Yes, you need to fill out a new form each quarter and no, you may not just bring the payment with you to the first lesson in the quarter. This will avoid over-crowded lessons and confused staff (we’re easily confused)!


Fall Quarter begins Sept 1st. Registration begins August 1st

Winter Quarter begins Dec. 1st. Registration begins November 1st

Spring Quarter Begins March 1st. Registration begins February 1st

Summer Quarter Begins June 1st. Registration begins May 1st


Lessons may be canceled or combined at managements discretion.Make-up lessons are done as practice rides Saturday’s at 12:00. Leadline lessons are the ONLY exception! You must email or phone ahead when you do a make-up.


Want to Move up a level? You need instructor approval AND must be able to ride 5 different horses competently at your current level. Your instructor will choose 3 of the 5 horses.  There are times when the instructor will not move you up even if you have ridden 5+ horses.  Please do not make this difficult for us,we are trying to keep your safety in mind when making our decision.



Winter Registration begins November. 1st.  Lessons begin December 1st ! 

Lesson Quarter Prices: The prices are based on 12 lessons in a quarter. If we schedule fewer than 12 lessons in the quarter then the price will be adjusted. Lessons are $425/quarter unless otherwise indicated.


Mondays: (Niqui)                      No Lessons: Dec 23rd & Dec 30th - 1 make-up will be scheduled

Tuesdays (Niqui):                     No Lessons: Dec 24th & Dec 31th - 1 make-up will be scheduled

Wednesdays (Georgia):         No Lessons: Dec 25th & Jan. 1st -    1 make-up will be scheduled

Thursdays (Dane):                    No Lessons: Dec 26th 

Saturdays (Jessie/Rachel):   No Lessons: Dec 28th 











Beginner A Lessons -Students with

little or no experience between the ages of 4 and 7. These lessons we have extra people in the ring to help the students if needed. We try to keep a maximum of 7 students.


Sat 10:00 (extra people in the ring)

1. Isla B. (pd winter)

2. Zoey W. (pd winter)

3. Isabella B. (pd winter)








Sat 11:00 (extra people in the ring)

1. Sophie B. (pd winter)

2. Yisak P. (intro 12/7)

3. Ariella Lopez (Pd winter- 6)







Beginner A+ Lessons -Students with little or no experience over the age of 7.  


Sat 2:00

1. Brooke D. (pd winter)

2.  Jocelyn B. (pd winter)

3. Titouan C. (pd winter)

4. Tevy C. (pd winter)

5. Pepper H. (pd winter)

6. Krysta S. (pd winter)

7. Beatrice M. (pd winter)

8. Cate C. (pd winter)


Wed 5:30

1. Kayla W. (pd winter)

2. Eliana F. (pd winter)

3. Hailey I. (pd winter)

4. Kendall M. (pd winter)

5. Calie C. (pd winter)

6. Addyson H (pd winter)

7. Molly B (pd winter)

8. Delaney G. (pd winter)



Beginner B Lessons -Students trot as a group. 


Wed 6:30 

1. Sophia P. (pd winter)

2. Josie L. (pd winter)

3. Chloe M. (pd winter)

4. Eliana Z. (pd winter)

5. Gayatri K. (pd winter)






Thurs 5:00

1. Olivia P. (pd winter)

2. Andoline H. (pd winter)

3. Trevor M. (pd winter)

4. Madeline M. (pd winter)

5. Brooke D. (pd winter starts 12/19)






Winter Quarter

(Scroll down for Spring)

Fall Enrollment begins November 1st

Classes begin December 2nd




Intermediate A Lessons -Students trot as a group do individual canters and jump simple lines of jumps to 18". We try to keep a maximum of 8 students.


Wednesday 4:30 

1. Megan K. (pd winter)

2. Ana D. (pd winter)

3. Audrey K. (pd winter)

4. Quinn B. (pd winter)






Sat 1:00

1. Hailey D. (pd winter)

2. Uma T. (pd winter-8)

3. Elizabeth S. (pd winter)

4. Casey W. (pd winter)

5. Emily G. (pd winter)

6. Elisabeth J. (pd winter)




Intermediate B Lessons -Students canter in small groups and jump simple courses of jumps up to 2'.  We try to keep a maximum of 8 students.


Thurs 6:00 

1. Alyssa M. (pd winter)

2. Sara M. (pd winter)

3. Melanie D. (pd winter)

4. Rachel B. (pd winter)

5. Cora K. (pd winter)





Sat 3:00pm

1. Meredith W. (pd winter)

2. Roseanna S. (pd winter)

3. Brittany R. (pd winter)

4. Sydney G. (pd winter)






Intermediate C Lessons -Students canter in Large groups and jump small courses of jumps up to 2'3".  We try to keep a maximum of 8 students.



Monday 7:00

1.  Ryley S. (pd winter)

2.  Hayden T. (pd winter)

3.  Solana S. (pd winter)

4.  Morgan B. (pd winter)

5.  Rachel B. (pd winter)

6.  Anna S. (pd winter)




Thurs 7:00 

1. Bailey J. (pd winter)

2. Aidan P. (pd winter)

3. Talia E. (pd winter)

4. Jena V. (pd winter)











Advanced A Lessons -Students canter in large groups, know leads and can change them. Jump courses with combinations up to 2'6".  We try to keep a maximum of 8 students.


Monday 6:00

1. Eliza G. (pd Winter) 

2. Stephanie P. (pd Winter)

3. Morgan M. (pd winter)

4. Madison G. (pd winter)

5. Eva D. (pd winter)

6. Mollie S. (pd winter)

7. Carina M. (pd winter)

8. Ravyn T. (pd winter)


Advanced B Lessons -Students jump courses up to 2'9 and Elementary cross country  We try to keep a maximum of 8 students.


Tues 7:00 (Teens & Adults)

1. Carrie H. (pd winter) 

2. Paige J. (pd winter)

3.  Vicki P. (pd winter)

4. Paige J. (pd winter)






Advanced C Lessons -Students jump courses up to 3'3 and Novice cross country  We try to keep a maximum of 8 students.


Tues 6:00 (students must own or lease horses)  

1.  Sophia Y. (pd winter)

2.  Georgia C. (pd winter)

3.  Olivia C. (pd winter) 

4.  Kaylee V. (pd winter)

5.  Lindsay B (pd winter)




Practice Rides


Sat 12:00 





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