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URC 'In-House' Jumper Shows 


2022 URC Jumper Show - October 21st & October 23rd!


URC students levels Beginner B up, and all boarders are invited to participate in jumping classes from Xbars to 2'9"!  Lead-line riders and Beginner A/A+ students, check with your instructors regarding showing options and planning.   Please refer to the registration form more additional show details.


Show Jumping Classes: 


Classes A-B: Beginner B & Up; C-D: Intermediate B+; E-F: Advanced


  • Class A      XBars - Opt. Time

  • Class B     18” – 2’0 (no oxers) – Opt. time

  • Class C     2'0 - 2'3 – Speed

  • Class D     2’3 – 2’6 – Speed

  • Class E      2'6 - 2'9 – Speed

  • Class F     Trainer’s Option / Gambler’s Choice


Fall Celebration/Halloween Show Costume Parade Class - OPEN TO ALL RIDERS!!:

  • Costume Class - Horse and/or Rider (may enter 1x)

Up to 6th Place Ribbons awarded for each class at each show. 

Numbers of participants and horse options may be limited.


  This is an encouraging and informal show - we keep it FUN!     


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