URC Jumper Shows


2018/2019 URC Evening Jumper Show Series


** Six Ribbons awarded for each class at each show. Division Championship Ribbons and Series end awards for most points will be given at the Final Show **


Monthly shows Sept-March w/ pot-luck at each show and series awards end awards. 


You may enter up to 3 times! Your best time counts.


5:00 start time. 


1. Cross-Bar Jumpers Optimum Time- Horses may be lead-lined.

2. 18"-2' Jumpers Optimum Time-  No oxers.

3. 2'-2'3 Jumpers Timed First Trip

4. 2'6-2'9 Jumpers Timed First Trip

5. 3'0-3'3 Jumpers Timed First Trip



Please pre-enter, you may add/change classes the day of the show.


Number of participants is limited


This is an encouraging and informal show, please keep it FUN!


2018/2019 URC Jumper Show Series Results

** Championship Ribbons for each division, Series end awards for most points and participation awards for all who participated will be given at the Final Show

 1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 7pts, 4th 6pts, 5th 5pts, 6th 4pts

URC Jumper Show Results

Cross-Bars:                                           18"-2                                           2-2'3                                          2'6-2'9                                        3'-3'3

Meredith   8                                    Madison  7                                  Molly     0  8         10     8         Molly      0     5                         Georgia 7  10  10  8  10 8

Addi          10-10                             Anna        10                                Morgan 8                                  Morgan  5                                Dane     10  8  8    10  8 10

Ella             7                                    Ella            8            10                Madison 0  6   4                       Olivia      7   10    7   10  10      Megan  6                   6

Morgan                 8 7  7                 Ryley         6    7        7   8           Natalia   10              10             Natalia    10              6              Jorgen   8              7  7

Ashley                   7                        Addi                10                         Lindsay  4                                 Kaylee     0   6            7    5       Kate                 7

Riley                      4                        Jenna                8       5     5         Anna      6  7   7     0    6           Lindsay   0             5                  Liza                               7

Megan                  10                     Charlotte               8                     Ryley      0 4          0     5          Miranda 6

Kate                      5                       Riley                        6                    Miranda 0                                Sophia    0  8          6   8

Charlotte              6                      Simone                   7                     Ella         0                  7            Hannah  8

Cadence                  8                   Hayden                 10   6   7          Sophia   5 10                            Eliza        8

Kylie                         10                 Natalia                       8                 Hannah 0                                 Anna        0   4       10   4

Hailey                      6   6               Morgan                        4  10 4     Kaylee   7  8  10   8    8   6       Madison  0 

Hayden                   5   8               Nora                                  6          Eliza          5                  4          Riley         0

 Nora                            10                                                                    Jenna        4                              Kate              7                    8

                                                                                                               Kate          7                    7        Sophie                     8        7

                                                                                                               Charlotte 5             5               Maddison                4        6

                                                                                                               Ashley                     7                Simone                   0

                                                                                                               Maddison               6     5        Charlotte                0

                                                                                                               Simone                   4                Jorgen                        5

                                                                                                               Kristin                     0

                                                                                                               Hayden                   0       4

                                                                                                               Revelle                          10

The Bragging Corner....

1987- Niqui graduates University of MD w/ BA in Psych and Tim graduates w/ Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Niqui and GRF Bheltepina win the Old Dominion 100 mile Endurance Race, making the cover of a magazine. Niqui and GRF Bheltepina compete as an individual in the World Championships in Endurance Racing and win a spot on the Olympic team. Unfortunately Bheltepina's soundness was in question and Niqui voluntarily withdrew her.

1988- Tim and Niqui open Spring Ridge Horse Center inc. in Frederick

1990- SRHC holds first hunter/jumper horse show

1991- SRHC builds it's first indoor arena

1993- SRHC moves to larger parcel and changes it's name to Urbana Riding Club. URC begins re-building everything in the Urbana location.

1994- URC adds school horse aisle to barn for a total of 48 stalls. Niqui's horse, affectionately known as "Mule" finishes the year as Champion in HCHSA Schooling Hunters and Schooling Jumpers before switching to eventing.

1995- URC holds first HCHSA horse show. Mule goes Prelim

1996- URC adds XC jumps including a double drop and a sunken road. Step Aside goes Prelim.

1997- Marcy's Wish and You Wish go Prelim. Step Aside is sold to the Davidson's barn. Summer camps are offered 8 weeks of the summer instead of 4. URC first takes horses to FL to train with the Bruce Davidson.

1998- Marcy's Wish finishes 2nd Intermediate at Fair Hill. URC camp fills to capacity for the first time. Blissful goes prelim.

1999- URC is featured on a children's public television program. URC builds the in-ground pool. Marcy's Wish finishes 12th in her first Advanced at Pine Top and 10th in her first one star.

2000- Kentmere goes prelim. Climbing walls and challenge course are added to the summer camp.

2001- URC adds Recreation Hall. Dandelion Wish goes prelim and is then sold as a Master's hunt horse.

2002- URC enlarges lounge and begins offering birthday parties. Step Aside returns to URC from Davidsons after going advanced and being bred. Step Aside goes Prelim along with Apropo.

2003- Marcy gives birth to Lion's Wish.

2004- URC moves more towards jumpers with eventing still being an option. Maggie begins eventing Hopscotch and Kristin, Smoothie, URC's youngest eventers at 8 and 10.

2005- URC wins best barn at WIHS. URC takes first riders to do jumpers at HITS Culpeper where 4 out of 5 win ribbons in large classes! URC gets involved with Frederick Pony Club

2006- URC wins best essay and 4th best barn at WIHS. Everyone wins ribbons at HITS Culpeper. Local DJ comes to URC to do afternoon drive program.

2007- URC wins best banner (thanks to Annalee) at WIHS. Maggie scores a 28 in dressage at Loch Moy on Koala Blue. Lion's Wish goes Prelim. Maggie is series end Champion with Koala Blue 2'3 at Swan Lake. Ashley is series end Champion with Fred at Swan Lake 3'0.

2008- Ashley, Annalee, Maggie and Kristin are series end winners at Swan Lake. Wally (3'6-3'9) and Ashley w/ Fred (3'3-3'6) are year end Champions at Columbia. Kristin, Maggie and Rachel run their first half marathon.

2009- Lion's Wish wins GC at virtually every jumper show at 3'6. Kristin and Ashley are series end Champions with Irish Crystal & Fred and Maggie Reserve with Wedding Crasher at Swan Lake. Ashley and Niqui are again Champions at Columbia. Tim & Niqui run their first 50 milers.

2010- URC adds Pony Barns for a total of 58 stalls. Maggie and Ashley are year end Champions at Swan Lake with Wedding Crasher and Fred. Tim and Niqui do their first full Ironman in Cozumel Mexico

2011- URC adds outdoor wash stalls for a total of 8 wash stalls. Maggie is 5th in Region in Pony Jumpers with Wedding Crasher. Wally jumps his first rated 4' course. URC commits to more rated shows. URC become involved in Fox Hunting. Tim & Niqui do their second full Ironman in Cozumel. Niqui is invited to USA Nationals in Triathlon in Vermont.

2012- Ashley is 2nd in Region in Adult Lows, Nicole is 3rd in Region in Child Lows, Erin is 5th in Region in Child Lows. Wedding Crasher is 6th in Region in Pony Jumpers. URC becomes a NM-MVHs fox hunting fixture.

2013- Ashley is asked to represent Maryland at the Adult Amateur Team Championships in GA. Maggie is awarded Master of Fox Hounds Assn. Fairly Hunted Award. Kristen O wins Varsity Sportsmanship Award. Ashley wins year-end Championship in Adult High and Rachel wins year-end Championship in Child low at Swan Lake A series. Niqui finishes 3rd in her first 100 mile run. Nicole is chosen for the Emerging Athletes Program with USHJA. Nicole qualified M&M for Zone 3 Child High Jumpers Finals! She is also selected as a Zone 3 Emerging Athletes Program Grant recipient for 2013!

2014- Nicole is slected again as a Zone 3 Emerging Athletes Program Grant recipient! Tim & Niqui Finish 3rd team (age gp) TransRockies Run.

2015- Anna and Mia are Champions at the HITS in the jumpers. Sara and Shadow win Maryland Starter Trials. URC increases the size of arena 4 and adds Junior Ultimate Riders program.

2016- Caitlin is Champion at the HITS in the jumpers. 

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