School Horse 'Leasing': This is a program which is all the fun of owning your own horse without the expense and responsibility. Students practice their riding skills and may compete in horse shows if they like. All horses are shared with the lesson program. 


Full lease: May choose three practice riding days. One of these days must be non-jumping. $1025/quarter including weekly group lesson.


Half lease: May choose two practice riding days not including Fridays or Sundays. One of these days must be non-jumping. $875/quarter including weekly group lesson.*Horses with a half lease may also have a quarter lease. 


Quarter Lease: May choose one practice riding day on either Fridays or Sundays. $715/quarter including weekly group lesson. *Horses with a half lease may also have a quarter lease. 



SOME RULES: *Leasers may only jump on one of the lease days *No jumping higher then your lesson level.*The riding school has priority over the use of the horses, you may choose a different horse to ride if "your" horse is being used. Ask the instructor which horse is appropriate. *Leasers must be enrolled in weekly riding lessons at Urbana Riding Club. *Leasers are not guaranteed to ride their lease horse in lessons *Urbana Riding Club trails only *Instructor approval is necessary to lease. *Leaser must be at least 10 years of age. *Never ride alone. There must be an adult in the barn area when you ride. *No riding in the indoor arena during lessons without instructor approval. *No jumping cross country. *You may only ride for one hour (including 10 minute warm up and 10 minute cool out). *You must mark the dry-erase board that you have ridden every time you ride.



Current leasers have 1st choice of their horse for next session if paid by the 15th any changes of horses leased needs to be approved by your instructor. Summer Leasing take note: you may not ride during summer camp hours nor may you ride on Sundays during summer camp weeks. We reserve the right to assign you a different horse to ride if we feel the horse you lease needs a break. Horses will be given the week after camp off from riding (except lessons). Children that lease may not be dropped off during camp hours. Spring leasers who choose to be CIT's for the summer at URC instead of leasing will still get first choice of "their horse" for the fall.



URC Horses


 (Horse Level: B- Beginner; I-Intermediate; A-Advanced)


 (I) Sedona- 2003 palomino Haflinger mare 14.0h, jumps 2'6  Alyssa M. 1/2 (pd winter)

 (I) Symphony- 15h paint mare, jumps 2'6  Lindsay B. 1/2 (pd winter)


 (B/I) Smoothie- 1997 bay Morgan geld 14.1h, shown 2'6,  


 (I) Squiggles- 2006 app 14.3h Sara M. 1/2 (pd winter) ; Stephanie P. 1/4 (pd spring)


 (A) Nyra- 2009 QH mare 15.3h Sophia Y. 1/2 (pd winter)/ Jena V 1/4 (pd Spring)


 (B/I) Sapphire 1998 paint mare 14.3h,


 (I) Saki- 2003 bay QH geld 15.1h, shown 2'9, bouncy  Morgan B. 1/2 (pd winter)


 (B/I) Stoney- 1998 grey pony geld 14.1h, shown 2'6 


 (I/A) Story- 2001 bay QH geld 15.0h, shown 2'9  Carrie H. 1/2 (pd  spring) 


 (B/I) Smidget- 1993 chest. QH mare 14.2h, shown 2'9  


 (I/A) Keg- 2001 palo Haflinger geld 15.1, evented N, fox hunts (private lease from Niqui)  Paige J. 1/2 (pd spring)


 (I/A) Sterling- 1998 grey QH mare 15.3h, shown rated 3'3  


 (B/I)  Simba-2007 chestnut QH gelding 15.2h - not available for lease


 (I)- Seymour- 2010 paint geld 15.2h Mollie S. 1/2 (pd spring) 


 (I) Sidney- 2010 paint QH gelding    Morgan M. 1/4 (pd winter); Kaylee V. 1/2 (pd spring)


 (I/A) Wedding Crasher- 2001 bay pony mare, fox hunts (private lease from Niqui)  Melanie D 1/2 (pd spring); Roseanna S. 1/4 (pd winter)


 (I) Spice- 1996 App pony mare 14.0h, shown 2'6 Emily G. 1/4 (pd winter)/ Alana R. 1/2 (pd spring)


 (B) Sangria-2007 paint mare 15.0h jumps 2'   Andoline H. 1/4 (pd spring)


 (I/A) Sally- 2004 QH chestnut mare 15.1h jumps 2'6  Elizabeth S. 1/4 (pd spring)


 (I) Swiss Miss- 2006 QH chestnut mare 15.2h jumps 2' Ryley S.  1/2 (pd spring)


 (B/I) Samoa- 2003 cremello QH geld 15.1h shown 2'0  


 (I/A) Scottie- 2004 chestnut QH geld 16.0h, shown 2'6  Olivia P. 1/2 (pd spring)


 (B/I) Sioux- 2001 paint geld 14.3h, jumps 2'6  Megan K. FULL lease (pd spring)


 (A) Posie- 2010 Bay Holsteiner  mare, jumps 3'  Eva D. 1/4 (pd winter); Bailey J. 1/2 (pd spring)


 (A) Irish Crystal-2005 grey Irish Sport Horse mare. 16h shown 3'3, evented N. 


(I) Street -2011 bay draft x gelding- Anna S. 1/2 (pd winter)


 (I) Sgetti- 2012 App gelding. 15.2h jumps crossbars Maddison G. 1/2 (pd winter)


 (B/I) Sunny -2002 Bay TB/QH Gelding 16h jumps 2'3  Ravyn T. 1/4 (pd winter)


 (I) Scrimmage  -2013 QH x Gelding 15.2h jumps 2'9 Eliza G. FULL lease (pd spring) 


 (A) Val- 2014 TB mare 16h - Not available for lease 


 (I) Serendipity- 2009 Halflinger gelding- Hayden T. 1/4 (pd winter)


 (I/A) Dillion-2008 Grey Gelding, New to jumping  - Andoline H. 1/4 (pd winter)


 (B/I) Salem- 2008 Paint Gelding- Kaylee V. 1/4 (pd winter)






URC Horses in Action!


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