URC School Horse RideShare Leasing:

This program provides the fun of independent riding and horse care. Students in the RideShare program may use a URC horse to compete in off-site horse shows, when offered.

Half Lease: Includes two practice riding days.

Quarter Lease: Includes one practice riding day.

* Each horse may have more than one lessor at managements discretion*


RideShare Lease Information, Terms and Conditions:


  • Students must be enrolled in a lesson program to participate in RideShare options. 

  • All URC horses are shared with various lesson programs

    • The riding school has priority over the use of the horses at all times; Students cannot be guaranteed their RideShare horse during lesson times but alternates are always available. Ask the instructor which horse is appropriate - riding different horses makes for a better rider :)

  • Instructor approval is necessary to lease; leasers must be at least 10 years of age.

  • Jumping is not permitted during regular lease rides on a school horse!

  •  Never ride alone! There must be an adult in the barn area when you ride - no exceptions! 

  • Children under the age of 13 must be directly supervised/assisted by their parent or guardian at all times. 

  • Leasers may ride for a maximum of 45 minutes, which includes 5 minutes of mounting/warm-up and 10 minutes of cool out

  • No riding bareback without prior permission. Approved leasers may have one bareback ride per month! 

  • Stay on URC cleared and marked trails: always hack out with another rider or person on foot.

  • URC horses are not permitted on the road or off the URC property.

  • To ride in a ring (indoor or outdoor) during lessons, you must ask the instructor's permission - not typically permitted during group lessons.

  • Currently, all lease rides must be scheduled/confirmed in advance via text and times must adhered to.

  • Lease rides may be scheduled from 9AM - 8PM daily. Earlier times permitted on a case by case basis. 

  • *All other COVID-19 policies apply*  

URC Horses & RideShare Horses - inquire with Sandy or Jessica for the latest list and status of potential RideShare and advanced lease horses...

Direct Horse and Care Leasing - more information and exciting horse options coming soon!




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