URC School Horse RideShare Leasing:


This program provides the fun of independent riding and horse care. Students in the RideShare program may use a URC horse to compete in off-site horse shows, when offered.



Half Lease: Includes two practice riding days. One of these days must be non-jumping. 


Quarter Lease: Includes one practice riding day. 


* Additional lease rides may be purchased a la carte!

* Each horse may have more than one lessor at managements discretion - there is no 'full' lease option at this time


RideShare Lease Rules:


  • Students must be enrolled in a lesson program to participate in RideShare options. 

  • All URC horses are shared with various lesson programs

  • The riding school has priority over the use of the horses at all times; Students cannot be guaranteed their RideShare horse during lesson times but alternates are always available. Ask the instructor which horse is appropriate - riding different horses makes a better rider! 

  • Instructor approval is necessary to lease; leasers must be at least 10 years of age.

  •  Never ride alone! There must be an adult in the barn area when you ride 

  • Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by their parent or guardian at all times.

  • Leasers may ride for a maximum of one hour, which includes 10 minutes of mounting/warm-up and 10 minutes of cool out

  • Jumping: Leasers are not permitted to jump higher than their current lesson level with a maximum jump height for all leasers of 2'6"

  • No jumping cross country 

  • Stay on URC trails: always hack out with another rider or person on foot

  • To ride in the indoor during a lesson, you must ask the instructors permission

  • Summer Leasing: you may not ride during summer camp hours nor may you ride on Sundays during summer camp weeks.

  • Children that lease may not be dropped off during camp hours

  • Currently, all lease rides must be scheduled in advance by appointment and times strict adhered to.

  • *All other COVID-19 policies apply*  



URC Horses & RideShare 


 (Horse Level: B- Beginner; I-Intermediate; A-Advanced)


 (I) Sedona- 2003 palomino Haflinger mare 14.0h, jumps 2'6  Alyssa M 1/2

 (I) Symphony- 15h paint mare, jumps 2'6  (lease update coming soon!)


 (B/I) Smoothie- 1997 bay Morgan geld 14.1h, shown 2'6,  


 (I) Squiggles- 2006 app 14.3h Stephanie P. FULL 


 (A) Nyra- 2009 QH mare 15.3h  Paige J. 1/2 ; Sophia Y. 1/4


 (B/I) Sapphire 1998 paint mare 14.3h,


 (I) Saki- 2003 bay QH geld 15.1h, shown 2'9, bouncy  Morgan B. 1/2


 (B/I) Stoney- 1998 grey pony geld 14.1h, shown 2'6 


 (I/A) Story- 2001 bay QH geld 15.0h, shown 2'9  Carrie H. 1/2 ; Roseanna S. 1/4 


 (B/I) Smidget- 1993 chest. QH mare 14.2h, shown 2'9  


(I/A) Sterling- 1998 grey QH mare 15.3h, shown rated 3'3  


 (B/I)  Simba-2007 chestnut QH gelding 15.2h - not available for lease


 (I) Sidney- 2010 paint QH gelding   Kaylee V. 1/2 


 (I) Spice- 1996 App pony mare 14.0h, shown 2'6 Emily G. 1/4 / Alana R. 1/2 


 (B) Sangria-2007 paint mare 15.0h jumps 2'   Andoline H. FULL 


 (I/A) Sally- 2004 QH chestnut mare 15.1h jumps 2'6  Elizabeth S. 1/4 


 (I) Swiss Miss- 2006 QH chestnut mare 15.2h jumps 2' Ryley S. 1/2


(B/I) Samoa- 2003 cremello QH geld 15.1h shown 2'0  Eliana F. 1/4


 (I/A) Scottie- 2004 chestnut QH geld 16.0h, shown 2'6  Olivia P. 1/2


 (B/I) Sioux- 2001 paint geld 14.3h, jumps 2'6 Megan K. FULL


 (A) Posie- 2010 Bay Holsteiner  mare, jumps 3'  Eva D. 1/4 Bailey J. 1/2 


 (A) Irish Crystal-2005 grey Irish Sport Horse mare. 16h shown 3'3, evented N. 


(I) Street -2011 bay draft x gelding- 


 (I) Sgetti- 2012 App gelding. 15.2h - Casey W. 1/2 ; Elisabeth J. 1/4


 (B/I) Sunny -2002 Bay TB/QH Gelding 16h jumps 2'3  Ravyn T. 1/2 (pd spring); Jena V 1/4 (pd Spring)


 (I) Scrimmage  -2013 QH x Gelding 15.2h jumps 2'9 Eliza G. FULL 


 (A) Val- 2014 TB mare 16h - Not available for lease 


 (I) Serendipity- 2009 Halflinger gelding- Hayden 1/2


 (I/A) Dillion-2008 Grey Gelding, New to jumping  - 


 (B/I) Salem- 2008 Paint Gelding- 





URC Horses in Action!


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