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URC Summer Programs - Summer Camp, Riding Clinics and More!


  • 2023 Summer Camp - 8 weeks June 12th - August 11th

Enrollment is now open!

  • 2023 Summer Camp Programs offers full-day programming

  • Before and Aftercare for varied drop-off and pick-up times, M-F from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Extended before and aftercare arrivals and departures, for additional fees.

Equestrian Camp
Summer Kids Club

Riding everyday - no experience necessary - ages 6 and up


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Ultimate Equestrians

Weekly camp program  - limited enrollment. Must be at least 8 years old with current riding skills as described below; instructional mounted activity groups vary by experience and riding ability

Equestrian Camp/Summer Kids Club is our classic camp program which is open to girls ages 6-15, and boys ages 6-13*, beginner through advanced riders.  Camper groups are determined by age range and may also be divided by gender. 


For riding lessons and activities, campers are grouped by appropriate skill levels during instruction. Our counselors and instructor staff  make an effort to support camper/rider, with the goal that they enjoy their riding and horse interactive activities to the fullest.  Even if camper group friends are at different skill levels riding and in their lessons, we have activities where they can be together to interact with and enjoy the horses, like trail rides and pony games! 

A typical day at Urbana Riding Club has campers riding in a lesson or trail ride for one hour each day and an additional hour of pony games once each week.


Campers also swim or water  slide each day and participate in two or three additional activities which rotate daily throughout the week, ie. archery, the climbing wall, zip-swing, slip & slide, arts and crafts, field sports, scavenger hunts and much more.


Scheduled activities begin daily at 9:00 am. Campers are encouraged but not forced to participate in riding and other activities.  They must stay with counselors or staff and members of their overall group throughout the day. 


We may vary the schedule and types of activities daily based on weather or other factors to ensure the safety and comfort of your camper.  Campers must be age 10 and have previous horse and riding experience for some horse leading and handling activities.  

Our Ultimate Equestrians camp program welcomes riders with skills and experience riding and handling horses.


Ultimate Equestrian riders will be grouped for daily lesson(s) instruction and mounted skills activities by age and skills:

  • Level I riders must be at least 8 years old by June 1, 2023, and currently able to walk and trot with complete independence on a variety of lesson horses during instruction as a group.

  • Level II+ riders must be at least 10 years old by June 1, 2023, and currently able to walk, trot and canter on a variety of lesson horses during instruction as a group, as well as jump combinations and courses set at least 18". 

  • Riders not in a URC or an ongoing instruction program, by approval

Early registration will encouraged to secure your child's space in Ultimate Equestrians this summer due to limited availability.


Ultimate Equestrians will begin with daily structured riding lessons. In the afternoon they will enjoy additional targeted skills instruction, mounted activities including field rides (if skill appropriate) and working trail rides


Ultimate Equestrians also swim daily, enjoy horse-related crafts and other activities, including equine learning experiences, interacting and learning about horse health, care and handling.


Riders will be assigned to instructional groups best suited to their riding skills, horse level and lesson objectives, but spend their camp day together with the total group

CIT (Counselor in Training)
Age restrictions apply.  Must have attended URC and be able to proficiently and independently handle horses

URC CIT volunteers learn to handle and care for horses, supporting counselors, instructors, camp managers and kids with their horse-centric activities here at camp.


URC does not charge a tuition for CITs their weeks volunteering, but first time CITs must also be registered for a minimum two weeks of camp. All CIT's must have attended URC Summer Camp in the past and feel comfortable and confident handling and being around the horses. Age restrictions apply. 


CIT volunteers will attend pre-camp training sessions to be held at URC.  The CIT day begins at 8:30 am; they work under the supervision of instructors and camp directors, rotating activities until the horses finish their riding lessons for camp day.


CIT volunteers can opt for credit towards future URC programs, and enjoy recognition, riding and swim times reserved exclusively for them! The CIT program is limited to a select number of participants per week; to participate in the  2023 CIT program please contact Jessie or Sandy to apply

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