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URC Summer Kids Club - Summer Camp, Riding and More!
Thank you to our wonderful campers, families and staff for a great year!  
Vote for URC as a 2021 "Best" Summer Camp!
2022 Summer Kids Club will offer weekly full-day programming - dates and early enrollment options to be announced in February 2022!
Before and Aftercare will allow for varied time drop-off and pick-up, M-F from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; Extended before and aftercare arrivals and departures, for additional fees.
A 5% discount will be applied if full registration payment is made before March 15th, 2022.

Summer Kids Club

Riding everyday - no experience necessary - ages 6 and up


Ultimate Riders Clubs  

Must be at least 8 years old with riding experience as described below; instructional groups determined by experience and riding ability, (not age)

This is our most popular club which is open to girls ages 6-15, and boys ages 6-13*, beginner through advanced riders.  Each group is determined by gender and age range, and may be divided to appropriate skill levels during riding instruction. Scheduled activities begin daily at 9:00 am. 


A typical day at Urbana Riding Club has members riding in a lesson or trail ride for one hour each day and an additional hour of pony games one time each week. Kids Club members also swim each day and participate in two or three additional activities which change throughout the week, ie. archery, climbing wall, zipswing, slip & slide, arts and crafts, field sports, scavenger hunts and many more.  Campers are encouraged but not forced to participate.  They must stay with their group throughout the day. 

*Contact us if your son is over 13 and interested in a URC Summer Camp program.

Adventure Club

Riding limited to one activity rotation per week ONLY - no experience necessary - ages 6 and up


Our Adventure Club program is similar to the Summer Kid's Club program but mounted horseback riding is limited to once a week in the activity rotation schedule.  It is open to girls ages 6-15, and boys ages 6-13*. Scheduled activities will begin at 9:00 am daily. Please contact us for more information. 


*Contact us if your son is over 13 and interested in a URC Summer Camp program.

The Ultimate Riders Club accepts riders who are at least 10 years old by June 1, 2021, and have current experience in riding and handling horses. Ultimate Riders must be currently able to walk, trot and canter during instruction as a group, and jump at least 18".


Junior Ultimate Riders Club accepts riders who are at least 8 years old by June 1, 2021, and have current experience riding and handling horses. Junior Ultimate Riders must be currently able to walk and trot during instruction as a group.


This is a very popular program with limited enrollment due to group size restrictions!  Early registration is encouraged to secure your child's space in UR/JUR clubs this summer.  This program will be limited to 14 total participants per weekly session in each UR group.  


Ultimate/Junior Riders scheduled activities begin at 9:00am. A typical day has Ultimate Riders riding in a lesson or trail for an hour each morning and an hour each afternoon. That's TWO HOURS OF RIDING EVERYDAY! Ultimate Riders swim and have crafts and other activities but most of their day is spent riding and learning about horses. Ultimate Riders will be assigned riding rings and instructors according to the daily activity and rider skills and horse level, but will spend the rest of their day together with their group

CIT (Counselor in Training)
Age restrictions apply.  Must have attended URC and be able to proficiently and independently handle horses

URC CITs are an extremely important part of our summer camp success!  They learn to handle and care for horses, work with counselors, instructors, managers and kids. Due to COVID guidelines and restrictions, CITs are anticipated to again be a group cohort working together!


URC does not charge a tuition for CITs but we do expect them to be helpful to campers, staff and provide attentive care for our horses. CIT's are assigned various duties throughout the camp day, as needed. CIT's must have attended URC Summer Kids Club in the past, and feel comfortable and confident handling and working around horses. Age restrictions apply. CITs are expected to attend pre-camp training sessions and to be at URC, weeks they're assigned, from 8:30 am to the end of riding lessons during the camp day.


CITs at URC will earn credit for future programs, and enjoy recognition, riding and swim times reserved exclusively for them (and Ring Crew). The CIT program is limited to a select number of participants per week; to participate in the  2021 CIT program please contact Jessie or Sandy to apply