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Riding Lesson Information


Lessons at URC - general information:

  • We instruct students ages 6 through Adult

  • Riders may enroll in group lessons and when appropriate, participate in our RideShare Lease and Practice Ride programs. 

  • If you have previous riding experience, look at our lesson schedule for an appropriate lesson day/time/level that fits your schedule. 

  • If you have no previous riding experience, no problem!  We work with brand new riders all the time -

  • Send us an email to schedule any type or level of intro. We want to ensure you're here at a time best suited for your experience.


New URC Riders - helpful information!

We are delighted to have you riding with us at Urbana Riding Club - whether this is your first riding instruction experience, you are switching stables or returning to riding, we want you to feel as comfortable, informed and prepared as possible! 


Helmets: We require SEI/ASTM certified horseback riding helmets for all riders. We offer current model loaner helmets that are adjustable in various sizes. Riders are advised to come to lessons with hairstyles that allow proper fit of the helmet. No hats, earmuffs or headbands can be worn under the helmet.   After 3 lessons, and/or all students in lesson levels Beginner B+ or higher should have their own riding helmet.  Body vests are required for cross-country schooling.


Footwear/Boots: Riders must wear closed toe/heel structured shoes or boots, ideally with a small heel. Some fashion boots, work or rain boots will work; sneakers are permitted as long as they don’t have a super smooth sole. Crocs, slip-ons, or sandals are not permitted.


Attire: While we do not require formal riding attire, long pants are always advised to prevent rubs from the tack.  When it's chilly, riders should wear a jacket, hoodie or something warm enough to stay snug during their ride - we hold lessons both outdoors and indoors but indoors it's often close to outdoor temps. Gloves may be worn as long as they’re not too thick - stretchy “pimple”  or inexpensive cotton riding gloves work well.

Horses: Riders are assigned school horses each lesson.  For all beginner and new riders, the horses are tacked up and brought into the riding arena ready to go.


The first 10 minutes of each lesson may involve assisted mounting, adjusting and getting ready to ride.  We try to keep riders moving and learning as a group much as possible during instruction - at times riders take turns going individually around the arena or course


Grooming, tacking and horse handling skills are developed once riders have the mounted basics underway.


  • Beginner A/A+/B and some B+ riders will be supported in the riding ring by assistants. As riders' skills grow, so will their riding independence.

  • Intermediate/Advanced and Adult riders are expected to tack and handle their horses; we will assist with first lessons and new horse assignments, as needed. 

For the first lesson come into the barn toward our indoor arena - it’s easy to find or anyone in the barn is happy to help point the way. There will be a table with the loaner helmets if you need one, and in the ring, my team, horses and your instructors will be waiting to meet you!!

IMPORTANT: Safety is paramount since horseback riding is a high-risk sport.  No exceptions will be made to our safety standards.  URC is a working farm - visits are not permitted outside lessons or scheduled activities without an appointment.  Presence at the HEV/URC stable indicates you/your family are informed and aware of the inherent risks of any and all activities herein posted clearly at our farm and barn entrances. 






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